Become a Partner Helping to Run GolfDashBlog

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I’m looking for someone who is passionate about golf and would like to become partners with me at GolfDashBlog. Obviously you would love golf and enjoy running a site that has been around since 2005, yes, 2005!

The goal for the partner would be to help increase revenue and marketing for the site. Honestly, my time is becoming thin and it’s becoming challenging to manage the day-to-day activities that a site like this demands.

GolfDashBlog gets remarkably consistent traffic due to it’s almost 600+ posts and new podcast series so it’s, needless to say, well-established. It’s focus was changed a number of years ago to become performance-based. That is anything to do with getting better at golf, be that nutrition, fitness, mental game and instruction.

Are you up for the challenge? Want to create your own side gig? Well, here’s your chance! Just send an email to for consideration.

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