Video Post: 10 Items of Outdoor Gear That Will Make Your Summer Awesome

Camping Gear Video

Check out my latest video for Explore Magazine—not only am I reviewing gear, I’m giving it away free!

In This Video Post You Will Discover:

  • A sweet sleeping bag
  • A responsible jacket
  • An awesome camp chair
  • Plus a free item—really!

My latest video for Explore Magazine’s YouTube channel is a bit different. For a few reasons.

For starters—tech nerd alert—I used a lavalier mic, rather than just setting up my Zoom H1 in an opportune spot. For filming outside, there is no substitute for a lav mic. There was a lot of ambient noise during this video, and you can barely hear any of it on-tape (except when the tugboat horn sounds).

I still love my Zoom H1—in fact, I think I’m going to add a Rode Lav to it so I have my own portable wireless lav setup. (For this video I borrowed a Shure 88 wireless law system. It’s great, but not terribly portable.) I used the Zoom to actually record the sound, as I couldn’t seem to get my iPhone 7 to record with an external mic.

(Anyone know anything about this? I followed this tutorial but it just didn’t work. Would love to hear your comments below!)

I love my iPhone 7 for video. Honestly, equipped with a Lifeproof Case it’s made my once-beloved GoPro a little redundant. For video, anyway—I mostly use my GoPro for time-lapse POV and selfie photography. See what I mean HERE and HERE.

OK, enough technobabble. The main difference in this video is that I’m not just gabbin’ ’bout gear. I’m giving it away.

Seriously. Watch ’till the end and you’ll see.

(Oh, and how about that view? You should see it at sunset!)


(Fine, if you can’t wait eight minutes—click here.)

from Across & Abroad


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