Do You Influence Success At Your Company? – by Howard Lewinter

Visualize this scene: You’re in a restaurant. You have been wanting to eat at this restaurant for a long time. It’s on all the “best of” restaurant review lists. It’s trendy. It’s a see and be seen kind of place. The food is fresh, creative and delicious. The atmosphere is perfect to dine in. Then there are the desserts. Chocolate desserts are a specialty of the restaurant. You came for the food but you really want the dessert. You are at the restaurant with a friend or a business associate. The meal is finished. It was quite enjoyable. Now you’re waiting for dessert. The waiter comes to the table, smiles and says: Would you like dessert?
Before you can say anything, the other person at the table says: No, thank you. I’m full from the delicious meal. Just coffee for me please. Then the

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