Hitting Long Drives Are Easy (if you read this)

sean fister

Hitting long drives. Its what we all want. From the Pros down to the double digit handicappers. Well, it just a bit easier thanks to Long Drive Champ Sean Fister’s book, “The Long Drive Bible: How you Can Hit the Ball Longer, Straighter and More Consistently” 

I will preface that by saying some chapters were especially interesting for me. For example, in the chapter “Drills and Tips” Sean reveals some of the training aids he uses on a regular basis. I think there were about 5 he listed. Not sure about you but I was fascinated to know exactly what a long drive champ uses for training aids. I won’t spoil  the read for you but one of them which is *sort of* predictable – the Momentus Driver. I WILL say some of the others ARE quite eclectic.

Other chapters that I enjoyed were, “The Ten Commandments of Distance” and “Equipment.” Some of these tips for distance are exciting to try to implement into your game. The other chapter, “Equipment” also covers a lot of ground. What got my attention was Fister’s instance on getting fit for your driver. He mentions something to the effect of buying a driver off the shelf is a “total crapshoot.” The other key factor he goes into detail about is the golf shaft and how absolutely critical that is to get right (hence getting fit for your driver) thatt is, if, you’re interested in hitting long drives 🙂

Other chapters include, “Fix your Slice.” “Preparation,” “The Future of Driving” among a few others. All I can say is: if you ARE interested in hitting your drives longer why not learn from a long drive champ who has spent a good part of his life studying HOW to do it. I sure picked up some good tidbits. I’m sure you’ll find even more.

Get it here:

The Long Drive Bible

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