Ivvavik: Canada’s Most Impressive National Park?


Located north of the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Yukon, Ivvavik National Park sees fewer annual visitors than the summit of Everest. Wanna take a look?

In This Yukon Photo Essay You Will Discover:

  • Panoramic Alpine Views
  • Remote Hikes in Arctic Environs
  • True Wilderness Adventure
  • And More!

“Bucket List” is the most overused term in travel today. With that in mind—you should put a trip to Ivvavik National Park on your Bucket List.

This is not some pedestrian “Bucket List” like hiring a personal butler at a luxe resort in the Caribbean or taking the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower. No. This is old school Bucket List—the type of thing only a handful of people on Earth will ever get a chance to experience.

You’ll travel north of the Arctic Circle to a massive national park that sees fewer human footprints than the summit of Mount Everest. This is the home of the 120,000-strong Porcupine caribou herd, primeval-looking muskox, lumbering barrenground grizzlies and Inuvialuit culture dating back nearly 8,000 years.

You’ll stand in awe of the incredible vastness of Earth, marvelling at mountain range free from human interference. You’ll trek for days without seeing anyone outside of your small group of intrepid adventurers. You’ll engage with a cultural liaison who illuminates the vital importance of this land to the indigenous people of the region. And you’ll probably get to eat some reindeer.

I had the privilege of visiting Ivvavik National Park last June. My feature article, “Into Ivvavik” will appear in Explore magazine this March. Please grab a copy of the magazine—I’m quite proud of the article and I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the experience.

Until then, lean back and enjoy these images from incredible Ivvavik National Park:


Flying into Ivvavik from the town of Inuvik allowed us a bird’s-eye view over the impressive Mackenzie River Delta.


Hiking in Ivvavik is virtually always above the tree-line—this allows for continuous immersion in panoramic vistas.


Arctic Glamping: we were treated to brand-new wall tents during our time north of the Arctic Circle.


Inuvialuit Cultural Liaison Joe Aery was on-hand to teach us about his peoples’ connection to the land.


Ivvavik’s signature hike: Halfway to Heaven.


Even on a tough alpine hike, spirits were always high.


Our destination in the distance: the summit of Halfway to Heaven.


Hitting a high point: the view from atop Halfway to Heaven through “Window Pane.”


Beautiful vistas, always.


The Firth River carves a swath through the centre of the park. Occasionally, rafting groups paddle this watercourse.


You’ll notice this guy in a few photos—it’s the legendary Mervin Joe, Parks Canada staffer. He has worked in Ivvavik National Park for almost a quarter-century.


Ivvavik is noted for its unique geologic features.


This photo illustrates the vastness of the land. In a year, more people will summit Everest than will visit Ivvavik National Park.


Ivvavik’s Imniarvik Base Camp is surrounded by the scenic British Mountains. It’s simply stunning.

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