It’s kind of cool when you get to hang out with the cool kids. All those years of being a geek in high-school are washed away when I get to use sentences like: “My friend Keenan…”
So ndash; my friend Jim Keenan, started a meme for people to share who impacted them the most in their business growth in 2016. We’d love for you to adopt this meme too. Use the #HelpedMeIn2016 (and make sure to tag me when you share!) Here’s the original post (with the questions I didn’t answer… oops. I’m not good at following rules!)
Anyway, there are so many people who helped me this year in 2016. Choosing just one is so difficult! There are Influencers like Lee Odden and Brian Carter. There are the consultants who helped me turn my business around like AJ Amyx and April Woodcock.

from Linked Into Business


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