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Back to school? My kids are only a couple of weeks into summer vacation and I’m already seeing ads for back to school shopping. I simply can’t wrap my head around that one yet. But, when I hear those words, there are three immediate thoughts that jump into my head. The first is of my own memories of going back to school (the excitement faded as I got older). The second is of Rodney Dangerfield […]

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5 Reasons Why LTL Rates Are Changing & What to Expect

If you’ve been in transportation or logistics for any length of time, you already know that nothing stays the same for long. Recent less than truckload (LTL) rates and capacity levels have been below the historical levels we saw from 2005-2010. But that could change—and it’s already started. Most general rate increases (GRIs) happened late last fall. They’re typically on an annual cycle, so we expected to see them come this fall. But they’re here […]

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Sneak Peak: Global Trade Management (GTM) Market Update

ARC Advisory Group conducts an annual in-depth analysis of the worldwide global trade management (GTM) software market. The research process includes the analysis of large amounts of information and interviews with executives from numerous GTM companies. The process concludes with the publication of ARC’s Global Trade Management Market Research Study. I am nearing the end of the study update process and thought I would take this opportunity to discuss some of the GTM market’s current characteristics. ARC’s […]

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Ice-Walking the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska

Ice-Walking the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska featured image


Join me on an exploration of the largest vehicle-accessible glacier in the United States.

In This Alaska Travel Article You Will Discover:

  • How to Find a Massive Glacier
  • Day-Tour Options
  • Stunning Icy Imagery
  • Travel Tips & Info

Alaska is a knockout. The natural environments throughout this leviathan state are cranked-up to 11; exaggerated to impress.

Ragged mountain peaks stab upwards to 5,000 metres or more. Wave-sculpted shorelines merge the lushness of the Pacific Northwest with the wilderness of the True North. Aurora borealis dances overhead; tundra expands endlessly to into the Arctic. Omnipresent wildlife—moose, bears, caribou, wolves—serve as reminders that humans are the interlopers in the frontier state.

Take the Matanuska Glacier, for example. This slow-moving tongue of ice stretches more than 40 kilometres into the Chugach Mountains from alongside Alaska’s Glenn Highway. It’s a Valley Glacier—a river of ice that has been sliding betwixt massifs for 10,000 years. At its widest point, it’s about six kilometres in breadth. It moves slowly, about 30 centimetres per day, edging forward then melting back.

Located 160 kilometres from Anchorage, it’s the largest car-accessible glacier in America. And it’s easy to get up-close-and-personal with, like I did last September.

(Yeah, I’ve been waiting a while to post this. Summer is glacier-walk season.)

Follow me on a tour of the Matanuska Glacier—one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in a state absolutely rife with them.


Slow moving, slow melting—this is the Matanuska Glacier.


Helmets? Check. Crampons? Check. Let’s go!


Do you trust your crampons?


How deep? Who knows…


The terrain changes abruptly; something I love about the North.


We thought at first this was water. It’s ice.


The striations in the ice were my favourite feature.


Kind of an obligatory shot. (We all did it.)


Our guide was actually getting grumpy with us here. (Like, yeah, we wanna stop for photos. So sue us.)


My choice? Go in the autumn. The juxtaposition of colours is beautiful.

Interested? Click to Salmon Berry Tours. Stop for a burger and a beer at Long Rifle Lodge afterwards. The dining room overlooks the ice and they have rooms for rent as well, if you’re road-tripping further afield.

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Getting Paid: Why AR Matters in your TMS

Figuring out the right TMS for your business typically boils down to your vendor’s data structure, which affects every facet of the software. One way to know whether the TMS will work for your needs is to look at its accounts receivable capabilities (AR). This is where the data structure really comes to light. What’s so important about AR? Think of an AR record as a sell-side load. While a load is essentially an intermediate […]

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Have You Grabbed My New E-Book Yet?

Canada’s 150 Most Amazing Outdoor Adventures


I searched every province and territory in Canada to compile this outdoor adventure bucket list. Here it is, free for your enjoyment: Canada’s 150 Most Amazing Outdoor Adventures!

In This Travel Article You Will Discover:

  • The Best Ways to Experience Canada
  • Essential Travel Tips
  • 23 Teasers from my New E-Book!

E-books are kind of my thing right now. They bridge the gap between the curation of a magazine and the widespread circulation and delivery of a website. I’ve done two in the past year. The first one, “Canada’s 35 Greatest Hikes,” has been downloaded about 100,000 times. So that’s a success!

That book was good.

My latest one is even better.

You see, over the past several years I’ve made a concerted effort to not only travel to every province and territory, but to experience real outdoor adventure in every one.

And I did it. I checked New Brunswick off my list in 2015, completing my All-Canadian bingo.

During this time, I’ve written dozens of articles about Canada. But I hadn’t yet put it all in one place.

This new book: Canada’s 150 Most Amazing Outdoor Adventures is exactly that. A culmination of my years of travel. One-hundred-fifty incredible experiences, covering just about every square inch… umm… I mean centimetre of my home country.

Canada-150-AdventuresAnd it’s no quick-and-dirty checklist.

It’s more than 15,000 words of content and 151 beautiful images. Plus, every entry has a link to a site that will get you more info.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

(If I may boast in the most un-Canadian way.)

And it’s super easy to get.

But you DO have to do something.

You have to take our little quiz first.

(It’s easy. Like, 30 seconds.)

But once you have your quiz results you’ll receive not only the free e-book—but a selection of curated adventures from the book, to get you started.

All based on your interests, from the quiz!

Fun right?

Click to get started:

And enjoy the book, au gratis!

Oh yeah! I promised you teasers.

Here they are. Quick links:



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